SmoothWall Filter

If you are not using an NCPS issued computer, you may have issues on certain sites. To fix this, you will be required to install a certificate. This certificate lets the page know to go through the proxy correctly. Please download the certificate and follow the install instructions directly from Smoothwall or the install instructions pdf. Install Instruction directly from Smoothwall - > Please go to This is the Certificate you need to browse secure websites. - > Please close the browser and re-open after installation. You may need to restart your device to take full effect. If you get blocked and do not have a login, please request a login from IT Department using this portal. If you log in and still get blocked, please use the requested link on the page and state why the site needs to be unblocked. In the meantime, you can use a guest account, which is limited in its access. To Log into the Smoothwall web filter. Please go to Login: guest pw: ncpsguest
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